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SEE A Game in Eslöv, SWEDEN

"Youth in action" program project „SEE A Game”, Project Nr. SE-43-E22-2013-R1.

The Project will be held in Eslöv, Sweden in August 2013, under the European Union program „Youth in Action”, subaction 4.3. In this project „SEE A Game”, 10 countries will particpate - Latvia,Sweden,Greece, France,Portugal,Poland,Spain,Bulgaria,Turkey and Czech Republic with a total number of tenty-five project participants, two from each country. The Project main goal is to teach youth workers, leaders, trainers from different countries new non-formal, game-based learning activities which help to develop entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, which the partners further will be able to teach in their own countries. During the course of the project, this goal takes the form of two games, namely MENU, a competitive role-playing game and FAIR, a collaborative card game. The different scenarios proposed in the games allow the assessment and ability to increase the entrepreneurship competencies and attitudes of participants, driven by game challenges. The need to train young entrepreneurs capable of competing in the European and international markets, and able to grasp the opportunities offered beyond the border of their own countries is evident, and investing in their training means investing in the future of our economy and society. The entrepreneurial spirit is not innate. On the contrary it is an attitude that should be cultivated and motivated. Often it is the right attitude that makes the difference between failure and success in entrepreneurship.

The training „SEE A Game” is outcome of LLP Grundtvig multilateral Project (project Nr. 142205-LLP-1-2008-BE_GRUNDTVIG-GMP).


Information prepared by Ginta Salmina